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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi Sparsh

NCERT solution of Hindi Sparsh for CBSE class 9 स्पर्श भाग 1:

Hindi is another literature subject that every student of class 9 CBSE board has to learn. But students cannot score good marks in Hindi because of several problems. Students of the CBSE board can speak Hindi fluently but make grammatical mistakes while writing it. As Hindi is a literature subject so students cannot memorize all the information the preparation for the literature examination especially Hindi Sparsh needsa different strategy. So students have to understand the meaning of every chapter included in the section with proper depth. Otherwise, they cannot score good marks because they lack a proper base in Hindi.

Not only that students have to know how to write the perfect answers in Hindi without doing any kind of grammatical mistake as well as spelling mistakes. Students also do not have an overall idea about the question pattern and mark distribution. That is why they cannot complete their preparation properly before the exam. Without proper understanding, students mostly avoid Hindi which affects their overall Academy grades.


  • Chapter 1 धूल
  • Chapter 2 दुःखकाअधिकार
  • Chapter 3 एवरेस्ट :मेरीशिखरयात्रा
  • Chapter 4 तुमकबजाओगे, अतिथि
  • Chapter 5 वैज्ञानिकचेतनाकेवाहक :चन्द्रशेखरवेंकटरामन
  • Chapter 6 कीचड़काकाव्य
  • Chapter 7 धर्मकीआड़
  • Chapter 8 शक्रतारेकेसमान


  • Chapter 9 अबकैसेछूटेरामनाम … ऐसीलालतुझबिनु …
  • Chapter 10 दोहे
  • Chapter 11 आदमीनामा
  • Chapter 12 एकफूलकीचाह
  • Chapter 13 गीत – अगीत
  • Chapter 14 अग्निपथ
  • Chapter 15 नएइलाकेमें … खुशबूरचतेहैंहाथ

But now students do not have to be tense about the Hindi examination as they can get the NCERT solution of Hindi Sparsh which is part of the NCERT solution for class 9 Hindi. The solution is prepared by expert Hindi teachers and every student can easily learn Hindi without facing any obstacles. Hindi solution NCERT includes all the chapters of the Hindi Sparsh syllabus and also includes expected questions and answers. So students now can get a good chance to score good marks in Hindi. Only you have to put a little extra effort into your preparation and the NCERT Hindi Sparsh solution will always stand by you. You can continue your Hindi practice with his solution and surely will improve your Hindi.

Download the Hindi Sparsh NCERT solution pdf from our official website and start your preparation today. The PDF is completely free for all CBSE class 9 students are requested to leave a comment if they have any kind of doubt or query regarding this NCERT Hindi Sparsh solution. Our experts promise as fast as possible reply to resolve your problem.

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