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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi Kshitij

NCERT Hindi Kshitij solution for CBSE class 9:

The upcoming NCERT class 9 examination will be held in March. So students do not have much time for preparation. Within a short period, they have to rectify all kinds of mistakes to improve their grade. Hindi Kshitij can be the target to score higher grades in the upcoming CBSE examination conducted by NCERT. With simple tricks and tips, students can easily score good grades in Hindi kshitij. Most of the students do not have the overall idea and understanding of the marks distribution of Hindi Kshitij. That is why they cannot achieve the expected target.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi Kshitijक्षितिजभाग 1


  • Chapter 1 दोबैलोंकीकथा
  • Chapter 2 ल्हासाकीओर
  • Chapter 3 उपभोक्तावादकीसंस्कृति
  • Chapter 4 साँवलेसपनोंकीयाद
  • Chapter 5 नानासाहबकीपुत्रीदेवीमैनाकोभस्मकरदियागया
  • Chapter 6 प्रेमचंदकेफटेजूते
  • Chapter 7 मेरेबचपनकेदिन
  • Chapter 8 एककुत्ताऔरएकमैना


  • Chapter 9 साखियाँएवंसबद
  • Chapter 10 वाख
  • Chapter 11 सवैये
  • Chapter 12 कैदीऔरकोकिला
  • Chapter 13 ग्रामश्री
  • Chapter 14 चंद्रगहनासेलौटतीबेर
  • Chapter 15 मेघआए
  • Chapter 16 यमराजकीदिशा
  • Chapter 17 बच्चेकामपरजारहेहैं

Hindi Kshitij includes around 17 chapters and students have to focus on every chapter to score good grades. The NCERT solution of Hindi Kshitij is a part of the NCERT solution for Hindi for class 9 CBSE students. Here students will get a complete understanding of the marks distribution and question pattern of Hindi Kshitij according to the NCERT Hindi marks distribution regulation. Students who have the proper understanding of the question then they can easily answer and take more interest in the subject. This Hindi NCERT solution of Hindi Kshitijincludes all the chapters and different questions are provided from each chapter.

The complete file is converted into a PDF and students can easily download the PDF from our official website which is completely free for them. So students start your preparation now with the help of the Hindi Kshitij NCERT solution pdf available on our website. This solution is highly trustable as several Hindi experts prepared the solution so everystudent can get the benefits. If you have any kind of query or doubt regarding these HindiKshitijsolutions leave a comment and our experts will give you a reply within a few minutes.

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