NCERT English main course book MCB solution and answers for CBSE class 9 students:

English literature plays an important role in CBSE class 9 students’ academic careers. Literature English is different from learning other subjects in the English language. The main course book of CBSE class 9 English includes different units. Students need to score good marks in Literature main course English if they want to overall good grades in the upcoming NCERT examination. Not only that learning English nowadays becomes so important as it is one of the most popular communicable languages in the world. Students while writing a question from the English literature main book course cannot construct a proper answer that carries every important point regarding the question as well as sounds so good. If students do not have died in Grammar and vocabulary, they cannot perform well in the English literature main course examination.

Because of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes students cannot score good marks in English and cannot perform well in the overall academic grade. Students have to follow the chapters of the NCERT main course book English and also follow the NCERT English main course solutions from our website.

CBSE Class 9 English Main Course Book Solutions and Answers

CBSE Class 9 English Main Course Book MCB Solutions and Answers

Unit 1 People

  • Chapter 1 An Exemplary Leader
  • Chapter 2 A Burglary Attempt
  • Chapter 3 Can You Know People You Haven’t Met

Unit 2 Adventure

  • Chapter 1 The Final Flight
  • Chapter 2 The Sound of the Shell
  • Chapter 3 Ordeal in the Ocean

Unit 3 Environment

  • Chapter 1 The Indian Rhinoceros
  • Chapter 2 Save Mother Earth
  • Chapter 3 Save the Tiger

Unit 4 The Class IX Radio and Video Show

  • Chapter 1 Radio Show
  • Chapter 2 Video Show

Unit 5 Mystery

  • Chapter 1 Bermuda Triangle
  • Chapter 2 The Invisible Man
  • Chapter 3 The Tragedy of Birlstone
  • Chapter 4 Harry Potter

Unit 6 Children

  • Chapter 1 Tom Sawyer
  • Chapter 2 Children of India
  • Chapter 3 Children and Computers
  • Chapter 4 Life Skills
  • Chapter 5 We are the World

Unit 7 Sports and Games

  • Chapter 1 Grandmaster Koneru Humpy Queen of 64 Squares
  • Chapter 2 Its Sports Day
  • Chapter 3 Hockey and Football

The NCERT solution English main course is prepared by expert teachers who know how to suggest that students avoid the fear of English literature. Teachers provide will constructed answers within Limited words in this NCERT English main course solution. So, students of both merits can easily take help from the NCERT solution for class 9 English. Students can download the solution from our official website and understand how to answer A literature question properly.

They also learn the alternative words which are easy but catchy and also will get an idea of how to answer in English literature within a short length. So, students of CBSE class 9 take the based preparation of English main course book from our website and the PDF is completely free. Hopefully, NCERT English main course solution will help you the most to have the best preparation for the upcoming examination in march.

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