NCERT English beehive solution for CBSE class 9:

English is a Global Language and without English, it is tough to communicate in the global sector. Students have to learn English properly and it will be starting from their literature English section. Students of CBSE class 9 do not have tobe tense about the preparation of English beehive as now they can get NCERT English beehive solution for CBSE. The solution is made by expert teachers and is highly suitable for everystudent. Here students will know the overall question pattern of the English beehive part and they can understand how to take preparation properly. The NCERT solution for English beehive includes all the details about every chapter mentioned in the NCERT textbook.

The beehive textbook includes 21 chapters of which 11 chapters are related to beehives English pros and the rest of the 10 chapters fall under the beehive poem section. The NCERT solution will help them tostrengthen their base on English as well as get a good score in the English examination. Not only that the class 9 English beehive NCERT solution also includes class 9 English previous year questions and sample paper so the student can take their preparation properly. The NCERT textbooks of English beehive are enough and students have to follow the NCERT solution.

NCERT English Beehive includes the following chapter:

  • Chapter 1 The Fun They Had
  • Chapter 1 The Road Not Taken [Poem]
  • Chapter 2 The Sound of Music
  • Chapter 2 Wind [Poem]
  • Chapter 3 The Little Girl
  • Chapter 3 Rain On The Roof [Poem]
  • Chapter 4 A Truly Beautiful Mind
  • Chapter 4 The Lake Isle Of Innisfree [Poem]
  • Chapter 5 The Snake and The Mirror
  • Chapter 5 A Legend Of The Northland [Poem]
  • Chapter 6 My Childhood
  • Chapter 6 No Men Are Foreign [Poem]
  • Chapter 7 Packing
  • Chapter 8 Reach for the Top
  • Chapter 8 On Killing A Tree [Poem]
  • Chapter 9 The Bond of Love
  • Chapter 9 The Snake Trying [Poem]
  • Chapter 10 Kathmandu
  • Chapter 10 A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal [Poem]
  • Chapter 11 If I Were You

No doubt the solution willhelp the students during the exam preparation. As the question patterns are different from the prose and poem parts. Mainly the question from the poem parts at tricky as in poems the inner meaning is hidden. So students have to practice with the NCERT English beehive solution so they can use every opportunity to score a number. Surely with proper practice students can increase their level in English and also strengthen their base in this language.

So students of CBSE class 9 download the PDF free from our official website. If you have any kind queries or doubts regarding this matter leave a comment. Our experts will reach back to you as soon as possible to help you out.

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