NCERT solution for English and alien hand supplementary reader for class 7:

CBSE class 7 students are generally fluent in English but when they have to learn English as literature cannot perform well. Because lack of vocabulary and grammatical errorsaffect their writing skill. Poor writing skills cannot score good marks in English examinations. Students have to improve their vocabulary as well as grammatical mistakes as soon as possible because the NCERT upcoming examination is about to happen.

The student will not get much time for preparation as they have to take the preparation for all subjects. Correction of grammatical mistakes does not take much time if students follow proper guidelines given by the expert which is included NCERT English and alien hand supplementary reader for class 7. Students will get all the details about the subject part and the probable answer with proper grammatical use. From the solutions, the student will get a proper idea about the process to construct literature answers without making any kind of mistakes.

NCERT solutions for class 7 – An Alien Hand

  • Chapter 1 The Tiny Teacher
  • Chapter 2 Bringing Up Kari
  • Chapter 3 The Desert
  • Chapter 4 The Cop And The Anthem
  • Chapter 5 Golu Grows A Nose
  • Chapter 6 I Want Something In A Cage
  • Chapter 7 Chandni
  • Chapter 8 The Bear Story
  • Chapter 9 A Tiger In The House
  • Chapter 10 An Alien Hand

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 English(Download PDF)

The solution is available for the class 7 CBSE students completely free of charge full stop the total PDF can be downloaded as well as students can take printouts from the file for their future use. So CBSE class7students download the PDF now and start your English literature preparation as soon as possible and make the writing as fluent as your spoken English.


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